Company Overview

Humankind has always pursued longevity, good health and improved quality of life. All of us hope that the work we do today will make the world a better place for the generations to come. We at Rigaku endeavor to support these pursuits as a leading global scientific analytical instrumentation company specializing in X-ray analysis, thermal analysis and non-destructive testing.

At Rigaku, we are determined to present our customers with the tools they need to solve today’s problems. Indeed, the hallmark of Rigaku management is to provide solutions to our users based on careful observation of their needs based on a deep understanding of their fields and industries. We devote ourselves to customer satisfaction at all times.

Our corporate mission is to contribute to the enhancement of humanity through scientific discovery and technological development. I view our customers as trusted partners in this goal, and we strive to work with them to realize mutual progress.

As we continue our work to provide the highest quality of instrumentation, application and service support, it is my sincere hope that you will rely on Rigaku to resolve your own challenges in the scientific and industrial world.

Company Summary
Rigaku Americas Corp.
Number of Employees
(281) 362-2300
9009 New Trails Drive
Spring, TX